Afterschool Activities


Drama Club            Pre-auditions on Wed., Sept. 5th         2:30-3:45


Cross Country        Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday           2:30-3:15


Miles for Meadow View    Informational Meeting on Sept. 12th    2:30


Dates to Remember

Sept. 5 Drama Pre-Auditions
Sept. 6-7 Minimum Days/Conferences
Sept. 7 Western Spirit Day
Sept. 14 5th Grade Hearing and Vision Screening-AM
Sept. 14 Student Assembly-PM
Sept. 26 Picture Day
Sept. 27 5th Grade Day in the Desert
Sept. 27 Cross Country Meet-Ranch Park, 3:15-5:00
Sept. 28 Native American/Staff Dev. Day
Oct. 5 Student Assembly-PM
Oct. 8 Columbus Day Holiday
Oct. 22 Minimum Day/Staff Dev. Day
Nov. 2 Student Assembly-PM
Nov. 2 End of First Trimester
Nov. 12 Veteran’s Day Holiday
Nov. 13-16 Minimum Days/Conferences
Nov. 14 5th Grade Drive-Thru Dinner
Nov. 16 Trimester Awards
Nov. 19-23 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 7 Student Assembly-PM
Dec. 20 Holiday Performances Dress Rehearsal
Dec. 20 Holiday Performances-Evening
Dec. 21 Student Holiday Event
Dec. 21 Minimum Day
Dec. 24-Jan. 4 Winter Break
Jan. 11 Student Assembly-PM
Jan. 14 Minimum Day/Staff Dev. Day
Jan. 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
Feb. 1 Student Assembly-PM
Feb. 11 Lincoln’s Birthday Holiday
Feb. 18 President’s Day Holiday
Mar. 1 Student Assembly-PM
Mar. 1 End of Second Trimester
Mar. 12 Minimum Day/Staff Dev. Day
Mar. 13-15 Minimum Days/Conferences
Apr. 15-22 Spring Break
May 24 Proposed Snow Day
May 27 Memorial Day Holiday
June 3-7 Minimum Days
June 7 Last Day of School